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If You know what is Social bookmarking and bookmarklet You can start using this tool.

In a Social bookmarking system, users store lists of Internet resources, which they find useful. Often, these lists are publicly accessible, and other people with similar interests can view the links by category, tags, or even randomly. Some social bookmarking systems allow for privacy on a per-bookmark basis. (Wkipedia). Some of most popular social bookmaring services are:, digg, Furl...

This tool can be very useful for bloggers who wants to let readers to add "social" bookmarks to their posts. You can select as much bookmarking services as You wish and put them all in a line (with or without logotypes) with direct bookmarking links. There are some variations of how the result line looks, You can play with checkboxes and choose what You wish. You can contact me at [social at front dot lv].

The result is a so-called "bookmarklet" (or "favlet") small java-script program that can be stored as a URL within a bookmark in most popular web browsers, or within hyperlinks on a web page. You can drag it on Your browser's toolbar. Pressing that button later You can create code for social bookmarking links, such as:

Special thanks to socializer, a great bookmarking tool!

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